Simple Sokoban

Copyright © 2014-2015 Mateusz Vistelink



Simple Sokoban is a (simple) Sokoban game aimed at playability and portability across systems. It is written in ANSI C89, using SDL for user interactions. I developed it natively under x86_64 Linux, but it should compile just fine on virtually anything that has a C compiler and the SDL library.


- nicely animated movements,
- unlimited level solutions,
- unlimited undos,
- 3 embedded level sets,
- support for external *.xsb levels,
- support for levels of size up to 62x62,
- saving levels to clipboard,
- ...


The source code is released under GNU GPL v3. Read the 'license.txt' file shipped with the game for details.
Graphics are based on "AntiqueDesk 3" and "Nightshift" skins created by Gerry Wiseman, and are copyright by Gerry Wiseman. He has published these graphics under the GNU GPL.

Download area

Note: I also provide binary builds of the game for a couple of Linux distributions via the openSUSE build service.